High Performance Internet Connections for Iowa

Iowa State University and the University of Iowa have continuously maintained a data communication link since the early 1970s.

In the 1970s, ISU and UI established a mainframe to mainframe link derived from the Triangle Universities Computing Center efforts. This link allowed the job entry system at one location to submit print and batch jobs at the other. As the nature of computing evolved, the line was replaced with other options.

This internetworking enables collaborative research education activities that utilize high speed networks connecting Iowa's research universities with other universities and research institutions.

This collaborative work by the research universities of the Iowa Board of Regents serves to support the state of the art in advanced applications in research and education using the Internet at the cutting edge. This joint endeavor provides for the continuance of use of information technology at some of the most advanced levels in the world.

This collaborative effort, which also involves the Iowa Communication Network for the interconnection within Iowa, keeps higher education in the State of Iowa at the forefront of national Internet developments and among the best in the nation in research and education.

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